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    Learn more about our clinical services in and around the Twin Cities.

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    Our division is home to a multitude of programs and centers devoted to keeping Minnesota's youth healthy.

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    Our interdisciplinary fellowship training programs prepare health professionals for academic and public health leadership roles in child and adolescent health.

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Generating, applying, and disseminating new knowledge which contributes to the optimal health, well-being, and life course of all children and adolescents
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News Media Coverage

Adrian Peterson case brings corporal punishment back into the spotlight, featuring Iris Borowsky, September 2014
Borowsky comments on why people continue to defend the use of corporal punishment

Kids exposed to more fat shaming comments on TV than adults, featuring Marla Eisenberg, September 2014
A new study reveals television aimed at kids contains just as many, if not more, weight-stigmatizing, or fat shaming, conversations

State takes a gentler approach to pregnant women behind bars, featuring Rebecca Shlafer, August 2014
Minnesota now bans the use of restraints while inmates are giving birth, and guarantees birthing coaches during delivery.

Calm Hearts, Bad Behavior, featuring Amy Gower, August 2014
Scientists find that a low resting heart rate may be linked to bad behavior.

Gay Teen Boys More Likely to Use Muscle-Building Steroids: Survey, featuring Marla Eisenberg, February 2014
They're also reporting heavier use, possibly putting themselves at risk for harmful side effects.

Pregnant prison inmates find support during birth, featuring Rebecca Shlafer, December 2013
Privately funded doula program has tracked the birth experiences of 40 pregnant inmates.

Broken bonds, featuring Rebecca Shlafer, November 2013
What happens to kids when moms and dads go to prison?

Preventing Youth Violence, featuring Iris Borowsky, October 2013
Borowsky takes a leading role on the national problem of youth violence

Telling partner to diet may trigger unhealthy eating habits, featuring Marla Eisenberg, September 2013
Pushing a loved one to diet may do more harm than good.

A Little Love Goes a Long Way, featuring Iris Borowsky, June 2013
Suicidal thoughts are among teens involved in bullying less likely if they know others care.

Teen bullying linked to suicide factors, featuring Iris Borowsky, June 2013
Identifying protective factors for victims - and the bullies themselves - is key to understanding their suicide risks.

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