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PEDSGPAH Founder Gisela KonopkaInspired by the pioneering work of Dr. Gisela Konopka, the Konopka Institute's goal is to get reliable information into the hands of everyone who is in a position to help adolescents.   

Adolescence is usually described as 'pre' or 'in between' - a stage between childhood and adulthood. It is seen as a turmoil because one moves from a protected state into a state of independence. I prefer to see adolescence as a significant stage in itself, an 'adolescenthood' with new experiences and new strengths, not merely an interim period and a problem."

Dr. Gisela Konopka, D.S.W.
Professor Emerita of Social Work
University of Minnesota
Excerpted from "A Renewed Look at Human Development, Human Needs, Human Services"
May, 1985


Listening to New Voices: Youth Voices on Staying in School & Dropout Prevention in Minnesota

PEDSAHM KONOPKA Listening Group CoverThe staff of the Konopka Institute has issued a new report on youth attitudes and beliefs related to high school dropout prevention, retention and graduation. The report was made possible through the Minnesota Department of Education's (MDE) Dropout Prevention, Retention, and Graduation Initiative. Facilitated by Konopka Institute staff and the Initiative Steering Committee members, 196 students across 18 Minnesota communities statewide provided input for the report on what factors create the conditions for students to drop out of school and, more importantly, what educators, community organizations and policy makers can do to better support students to stay, and thrive, in school.

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